Monday, 23 January 2012


It's funny how an idea evolves. When I did the sketch of the "Bride's" head I was thinking of producing a poster for Zombina And The Skeletones or Psycho Motel. The shape of the head when mirrored reminded me of a heart shape (just in time for Valentine's Day)... and then I came across the band BLACK MOTH and all of a sudden the shape looked less like a heart and more like a moth... I added in the skull and began playing with the colours to best represent the band (and the amazing artwork on their debut single) and the above poster was born!

It's fair to say that this was heavily influenced by the amazing work I saw at The Richard Goodall Gallery last week too!


Sarah H said...

beautiful idea! I love that the extra tangles of hair act as extra details to the moth's wings. Bravo!

Shane said...

Thanks Sarah! Glad you like it.