Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Vampire's Everywhere

Because I've been researching Character brands for the Masters of late, here's an experiment that I quite fancy doing some more with. I wanted to create a cute character in the style of Hello Kitty, yet (as is my want) have a horror themed link with it... So here's my first attempt (and some initial design layouts too).

What do you guys think? Is it worth me pursuing the idea any further?


Jonathan Edwards said...

I love these!

Shane said...

Thanks again Jon... that's awesome!!!

The Creative Twin said...

Cool Shane I think this has a lot of potential (haha I thought it was fan art of an existing brand at first so it must be good!!) I'd definitely follow it up. I love the way the 'i' stretches on the text. Plus, this japanese stuff is really 'in' at the moment. I can see it on bags and lunchboxes especially for some reason. And everything really. How the heck do you make a start with a character like this? Good luck!