Friday, 10 April 2009

War of words... POINTS

Tough one this week.. Dave's is great again... very faithful to the word and a brilliant visualization of the word.. This idea of the moustachioed man and the damsel in distress (very briefly) crossed my mind at one point (but more in a Dudley Dooright kinda way) but I decided I was going to do John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever pose... full on pointing action!..
I reverted to type though.. Been drawing lots of simple style monsters this last week and the character here was born from that.. The TV interview thing was just one of those bizzare, silly little ideas that popped in my noggin!.. Nevermind.. it just about answers the brief.. and you could argue that there's a load of points within the images... wings, teeth, ear, pokey stick!.. so there!
Anyhoo... new word.. SPRING

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