Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Spring is in the air!

It's word of the week time again.. and here are the entries for 'SPRING'. I stayed true to form and went with a Superhero pic.. Spiderman, springing into action! I was contemplating a Magic Roundabout image, but the draw of the spandex pants is way too strong!
Dave's Rabbid Rabbits entry is god damned genius! I love it, it's so funny.. I have to say that the Boxing Bunnies really makes me laugh.. I'm obviously partial to 'Super Bunny' too.. This is a brilliant offering for word of the week and another strong visual from Dave.
To see the Rabbids in more detail head over to his blog at : and share the love!
New word is being generated by a third party this week.. so we'll have the results tomorrow!

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