Friday, 17 April 2009

Alternative Cover!

I used to be a pretty avid collector of comics.. more-so for their art than their story lines initially.. but as I grew, I began to appreciate the story more than the art on occasion.. it seems a pretty rare deal today to find a comic that marries both (for my taste) and as such I buy only a fraction of what I used to, Hellboy, Goon and BPRD are a must, and I loved the Johnny DC titles that have all but disappeared now (the cartoon licensed comics for Batman, Teen Titans and The Justice League). I hardly ever pick up anything by Marvel anymore (not even Daredevil.. didn't feel the same after Maleev stopped producing the artwork).

I've always hated the fact that the covers are produced by one artist, and the interiors by another.. seemed like a cheat to me.. and Marvel are probably to blame for this, some of the best comics ever have stopped because the Artists have had silly money waved about in front of their noses to produce covers for their titles.. J Scott Campbell's brilliant 'Danger Girl' seemed to have befallen this fate).

I'm not having a go at the artists... hell no, it's a dream job, and easy money! It's just that so many good titles seemed to have ended and not so many have started up.. I'm so out of touch with the Marvel Universe now that when I peruse the titles or read the synopsis, there's nothing I recognize...

Maybe my time has gone in that universe, and the new nerds are lapping up what's out there now? I don't know.. I'm just grateful for Dark Horse, who seem to produce thoughtful, considered and unique comics.. comics that I can rely on to enthrall me and entertain me.. Thanks to people like Mike Mignola, who's Hellboy universe is always entertaining, and Eric Powell for the Insane comedy of horrors that is The Goon.

I miss those other guys I used to hunt out, but I guess I'll always have my back issues.. 

Just thought I'd have a considered blog today to go with my variant Spiderman cover!

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