Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Word of the week... STARS!

Another week, another word.
Dave's entry for 'STARS' is another winner.. A selection of Astonomer portraits. I'm loving the Patrick Moore rendition especially. Another strong entry from my esteemed colleague!
Myself.. I wanted to pay tribute to LAIKA.. It's such a sad story when you read about what a miserable life she must have led.. I like the idea that she is the stars, and how something so sad and tragic can become something so wonderous and beautiful... I just made up the prose (if that's what it is) as a stream of thought.. it just popped in there as I read about her plight, so I wrote it down.
For once I kinda grew up a little this week.. I promise I'll do my best to rectify that for the next entry... which is...
MISTRESS... yeahhhhh! I'm back baby!!!!

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