Sunday, 31 October 2010


...or in my case... CRAPPY Halloween. My computer went down earlier in the week and I'm still not sure if it (or any of the work on it) is recoverable. As such, I'm behind on my Masters work and the word of the week (next weeks word is CHINA) I have a sketch for chicken but this machine I'm running to post this message is having a real problem with updating so I can install my scanner on to.. To cap it all, I've got a dose of 'Man Flu' and I recently started a part time Christmas Job to get some cash in the coffin and the early start is killing me!

Regardless of that.. Have a Great Halloween everyone!

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rogue evolent said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems and your own human virus as well.
I hope your Halloween was a bit better! My Halloween was a blast, and my blog is STILL extremely proud that you graciously consented to be our HALLOWEEN 2010 ARTIST of RENOWN. Thanks again Shane.