Saturday, 9 October 2010

War of Words... SHIELD

I had a chat with Dave earlier on in the week and he told me that he was struggling to visualize his idea.. I said "go for it".. and I'm glad he listened. His take on the classic comedy 'SLEDGEHAMMER' is a winner. You can guess at the link, but it's the badge (or shield as our American brothers and sisters call it) that all law enforcers live by. I loved Sledgehammer.. I always remember an episode called 'Witless' that parodied the Harrison Ford movie 'Witness'.. brilliant!

I had a few ideas.. Batfink (which Dave shared) Captain America, Judge Dredd and an angry viking.. Thought I'd go for the viking for a change. I went through a few compositional layout before deciding on the one included here.. I just wanted to give the sense of them being up close and in your face... think I cracked it. They actually have a bit of a cuteness about them.. like viking versions of the Time Bandits!

Damn it.. I could have done a Valkyrie.. and got a drawing of a sexy woman in... bugger it!

Next week.. POLICE.

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