Wednesday, 13 October 2010

More sketchy stuff

Here's another sketch based on my Shane Glines fascination (and one of his Batgirl poses). This time, bearing the impending Halloween celebrations in mind.


rogue evolent said...

Quick question: (also you can delete this from your blog as it is a private question; unless you want it up for viewing :) )

I want to "declare you/name" you as tROAD's (my own little humble blog)HALLOWEEN 2010 ARTIST OF RENOWN (or some such title) I'm going to single you and your blog out for viewing, "following" drooling over AND buying your blurb 3-volume series.
If you don't want me doing this, I'll understand. Just post me on my tROAD BLOG (I won't let your response go public either).
But, if it's okay, I'll do the honor probably tomorrow or Friday.
Your pal,
r/e (aka: Jay)

p.s. Would it be okay (and you can say no, it won't hurt my feelings) if I posted 1 or 2 of your own pictures, from your blog (say from a couple months ago?)

Shane said...

WOW.. Thanks Rogue. I have responded on your blog as requested.. but if you read it here first.. I'd be truly honored if you were to feature me and my work on your site.

rogue evolent said...

Thanks Shane, you're a great guy and not just an artistic "pro" :)
Say, do you want me to post your comment wherein you "consent" to letting me post my honoric honor to you and THIS IS HORROR BUSINESS? I haven't actually put your comment up on the post to which you attached it... I wasn't going to, but if you want it "up" I will!
Or, I suppose I could just make life easier for both of us and PM you at your regular e-mail address right? That's the rageofachiles etc that at the top of your blog header right?