Friday, 15 October 2010

Do the Mummy

My good friend and fellow art fiend Dave Higgins over at has been posting away at his 'Halloween Advent Calendar' and produced these brilliant sketches of some of the cutest monsters I've ever seen. I was so inspired (and fell in love with the Mummy sketch) that I decided to pay tribute in the best way I know how.. So here is my rendition of Dave's Mummy (no, I don't mean Mrs Higgins)..

I'm really pleased with this illustration. In much the same way as I've been studying the likes of Shane Glines and Ben Caldwell of late, I've really enjoyed putting my spin on Dave's artwork, and it's made me realize that I may have been labouring over my own work a little too much lately... which may explain my frustration any time I pick up a pencil..

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rogue evolent said...

The Mummy rendition you've done of Dave Higgins own Mummy is brilliant! A very, very nice homage to your artistic friend. Well done sir. You know, super talented art guys like you are a gem. Thanks for all the rest of us.