Thursday, 28 April 2011

Drum role please!!

Well... I've been bashing my brain against the drawing board, trying to get the page layouts for the book proposal to a point where I'm actually happy with them myself.. then (after what seems like forever) I realised that I'd never be happy with them in their 'sketched' state, so I decided to have a go at 'working' one of the layouts up... and lo-and-behold... that's more like it!!!

Here is a double page spread introducing the 'new' wolfman... and if you listen carefully you can hear me breathing a sigh of relief!

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rogue evolent said...

I've liked ALL your wolfie incarnations Shane... and I love this guy too; the black tip of his pointy nose is fun and the simple igor-like smock that he wears is cool too. A "winner!"
- Jay