Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Even more Masters

Here is the follow on spread from the previously posted 'Toothy Grin' page. The original layout had a full page, full body shot of 'Renton' in a spotlight, but as I was working on it the page seemed to lack any 'dynamism'... The beauty of Illustrator is that I can play about with the layout as I work... and the result was this!

I twisted his body round to a 'quirky' angle and zoomed in to the most important elements to visualise the story in the best way I could... pretty happy with the result too!


rogue evolent said...

Oh I want to hug Renton (but in a manly, cameraderie way :) ) he is so CUTE!!!!! Muppets and Disney be on notice...this band is going to "take over the entertainment world!"
Shane, are you selling Stock?
- Jay

Shane said...

Ha Ha Ha... Thanks Jay! I hope they do!!