Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More book pages.

Been busy beavering away at my book entry for the Macmillan Book Prize 2011 (which also happens to be doubling up as a module for my MASTERS course). Had a good session yesterday and have formed quite a clear path for the story and it's layout, as well as producing a lot of thumbnail page layout ideas for it too. Here's a peek at a possible double page spread that I was playing about with last night.

Word of the Week will resume on Monday (with Dave's word - BLUEPRINT) but for now I'm just trying to get on with college work as I've fallen behind with being ill for so long.


rogue evolent said...

OOOHH WHAT A DELIGHT!!! How can one not just love this little friendly and cute (but in a good way) vampire boy??? The orange background color is great to set off the plain white. Publishers should be beating down your door to get stuff of this quality!
- Jay

Shane said...

I hope so Jay.. If I can get noticed with this book I will be over the moon!