Thursday, 7 April 2011

Page revisions

Wasn't happy with the colourways for the 'stormy night' spread, in fact I've been working different colours on it for the last 2 days without much success. My concern is that this is effectively the first proper spread of the story.. and it's been pretty dark and 'flat' looking.. however.. I think I'm getting somewhere with it here. The slightly lighter background colour doesn't detract from the 'dark stormy night' feel too much.I might swap the dark blue of the castle and the black of the clouds around, so that the emphasis is on the castle a little more. The lighter colour for the rain was a 'happy accident' which I think works!


rogue evolent said...

Hey Shane,
While loving the original (guess I just like grey) I see your artistic point! This version is "lighter" and not as drab.
You are such a perfectionist ;)
- Jay

The Creative Twin said...

Interesting. I agree with Jay. The original grey version I personally prefer (has more 'moodiness') but this one stands out more artistically.

I absolutely LOVE all the recent work you've been doing on this project.