Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Masters... panic stations!!

Had a great tutorial session on Monday with the Illustration Degree leader regarding my entry for the Macmillan book prize with 'The Monsters Mash'.. She is so for of enthusiasm and really feeds your imagination... However... she has pointed out some huge flaws in how my project has developed.. from the character designs through to the pacing and page layout dynamics.

At first I was feeling pretty fired up about it... but then I started looking at the redesign of Ralph (the Wolfman) and it's been driving me nuts!!! He was 'troublesome' to get to a point I was happy with before... but now it's so frustrating. Everything my lecturer said was valid, and justified and I have nothing but respect for her insight and advice... but we both wished I'd gone to see her earlier in the project.

And now (quite frankly) I'm shitting myself!!!!

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