Thursday, 3 March 2011

Further explorations in space and time..

Here's the slightly more 'worked up' femme fatale from a previous post. I played around with the colours a lot before settling on this set up, she went from being a blonde to a redhead before I settled on the black. It felt good to have the bulk of the character shape almost 'implied' rather than clearly defined. Slightly changed the face shape, and threw in some curves.

I'm pretty happy with it too!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Love it.

The Creative Twin said...

Oh woww!! So pleased this is much more like it. Great choice of typography. Love the rain. Inspiring me to do some poster type compositions...


rogue evolent said...

One of your best Shane! The so-called "Shane approach" (which you mentioned in a prior post) is what we your fans LOVE THE BEST... I mean, like the super long legs :) so cool, that's the "Shane-ian" mojo I love.
Also like the change in her hair color.
Jay (r/e)