Friday, 11 March 2011

The slowly evolving monster band book...

Been struggling to get motivated again for the Masters module.. I just don't know why, but I've even been putting off trying to develop the 'invisible drummer' character. Then yesterday I did a little doodling without putting too much effort into it and a little sketch came out (attached above) and from that sketch came a lot of excitement indeed!!

So tonight, amidst a stinking cold, a poorly 2 year old and off the back of 3 sleepless nights I decided to start working the sketch up to see where it would lead.... and I'm sooooo glad I did! Here's a working illustration of the invisible girl... yes you read that right... all will become clear when the story unfolds.. I've also included a 'sneak peek' of some of the narrative... you lucky, lucky people!!!

Remember that the story has been adapted for a 'pre-school' audience and the illustrations will be submitted to the MacMillan Book Prize competition (hopefully).... if they're good enough!

I'm REALLY stoked about this now.


Anonymous said...

She looks brilliant Shane. An excellent addition to the band.

rogue evolent said...

I agree with Dave!
What makes her so darn cute is the ear-to-ear smile line, the hair buns and the long ecto-plasmic body... a fantastic character Shane! You just keep topping yourself!!!
- Jay