Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More postery type work

My buddy Dave had an idea for a poster celebrating the blessed union of Ghost and Blood Ceremony in musical manna. The only problem he felt he had was how to represent 'Ghost' in the poster. I really liked the image he produced of a witchy worshipper woman, and it's been rolling around in my brain for a week or two... then I had an idea of how it might work. So I've filched Dave's initial idea and put it in my blender of horrors... and here's the result. For fans of either band, you can just rotate the poster to suit (shown above).

Hope you don't mind Dave!

1 comment:

rogue evolent said...

What a devilishly stylish poster Shane. It's got a retro Hammer-ish feel almost. Love mirror image stuff, but especially the color scheme where the top (white) witch's blood pan drips down into the red of the bottom witchie.
Way cool
- Jay