Thursday, 3 March 2011

Heart and Saul..

Here's some posters I put together for the artjumble blog this week, the theme being 'Hitchcock movies'. I've always had an affinity for the artwork of Saul Bass, perhaps there are some parallels in his use of shapes and how I put things together that draw me to him.


The Creative Twin said...

Was wondering why I'd seen a lot of Hitchcock posters on blogs recently... artjumble looks good. Again these are great designs. Like the 3 colour combination.


rogue evolent said...

These are both brilliant... a combo of your own cartoon/minimalist style (which IS THE BEST) and almost a noirish art deco vibe... I wish I made movies so I could hire you and pay you mucho!! :)

quick question Shane:
Did you do the art for the album: "Taste the Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones" (2002) where the vampire boy is eating cereal?????
Jay (r/e)

Shane said...

Hi Rogue.. er Jay. thanks again for the support (as always). I wish you made movies too, because judging by your taste in film and music.. they'd be bloody brilliant!!

I wish I did do the Zombina cover. it was by a guy called Art Balthazar who is the illustrator/co-creator of a brilliant comic strip called 'Patrick the Wolf Boy'.. it's sort of like 'Peanuts', only instead of it being about a boy and his dog, the boy IS a dog.

I've done bits and pieces for Zombina, but nothing as grand as a record sleeve (as yet).. despite my best efforts!!!

rogue evolent said...

thanks for the quick reply Shane! Naah, I think your art (especially for your Monster Band guys) is WAY WAY BETTER than this Art Balthazar guy... just noticed that his style makes me thinks he's trying to horn in on the Jones Mojo!!! ;)
Jay (also known as rogue :) )