Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Good news everyone!!

My work is to be featured on the excellent RePulped Blog (http://repulped.blogspot.com/) a site that invites contributors to re-interpret old pulp novel covers. Above is the cover for 'The Octopus' I chose, my finished piece (to be published on Thursday) and the original doodle I did.

Show your support and head on over there, there are so many great artists on show.


Dave Higgins said...

Brilliant reworking. And an interesting blog too, should be right up my alley I suppose..

Anonymous said...

Oh yeh meant to say congratulations too... :)

The Creative Twin said...

Great news well done!!

rogue evolent said...

This is so cool Shane. I love your re-imaging of the pulp cover. Your octo-monster is WAY cooler ;)