Saturday, 19 March 2011

Something old, something new

Reproduction Demon...
By The Award Winning ...

Whilst laid up on my death bed, I got to playing around with BLURB again, and decided to have a go at producing something a little different. It's a Black & White 'portfolio' booklet with some choice images in. Now, bear in mind, I'm poorly sick AND this was just an experiment, but the preview looks good! I've sent off for a copy and I'll post some images when it arrives. If it's any good, It will be an affordable way for me to get my artwork out, but also for people to buy it (its £4.00 plus postage, thats about $2.00 I think!)



rogue evolent said...

I've got to start buying your stuff Shane. I'll start here. Does Blurb send out a "hard copy" or does the purchaser download the book to his/her own home computer for self-printing on a printer or copier?
Loved the preview of it.

Shane said...

Hi Jay.

Hard copies only from BLURB (I don't think they offer digital downloads as yet). Hold fire on ordering one though... I'll email you shortly!!!!!!!!


AlejanDrone said...

hey man, love your blog, great posters, cheers man

Shane said...

Thank You AlejanDrone!

Much appreciated! Keep checking back for more as they happen buddy!