Tuesday, 8 March 2011

War of Words... JIGSAW

For the first time in a while Dave and I had similar ideas. He's put together a great rockabilly/roller derby type dame, and I took my queues from Tara McPherson with the heart removing demon girl. I'm going to put it together in Illustrator at some point because I'm not completely happy with finish and I'll be able to 'control' it a little better as I work on it.

This week's word: FORCE.... isn't it obvious what I'm going to do??

Currently Listening to:
Eisley: The Valley (not that that has anything to do with anything really, just wanted to share!).

1 comment:

rogue evolent said...

Love the "tats" on the girl leaning back on the car; love the cool angular way you drew the tail on the two demon/rockabilly chicks :)